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Old Orchard Beach Maine 1913

Old Orchard Beach Maine 1913

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A Day At The Beach - Turn Of The 20th Century
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 22 February 2009 00:16

Photos of a day at Old Orchard Beach Maine taken in 1913

Bathing BeautiesBathing BeautiesHere are a couple of bathing beauties posing in front of a beach backdrop. Probably taken in a photo booth somewhere on the pier.



Friends on the beachFriends on the beachFriends having a good time on the beach

Here;s a group of friends enjoying the sun and surf at Old Orchard Beach Maine. Take a look at the little boy to the right in the background wearing a WWI uniform. This is a great photograph.


scan0011scan0011A cute couple soaking up some sun

Here are a couple of lovebirds posing for the camera and enjoying the day at the beach.

Take a look at those lace up boots and the swimming cap she is wearing to go swimming in. That must have been really comfortable outfit to wear into the water.


Three CutiesThree CutiesThree cuties having fun at the beach and posing for the camera

They sure are having a good time at the beach. I wonder if they got some french fries with vinegar, or some ice cream at the little refreshment stand in the background.


Bathing BeautyBathing BeautyA goofy swimming outfit

Just imagine having to wear a swimming outfit like this to the beach. In 1913 this was the acceptable fashion for young ladies to wear.

Also, check out the beach front cottages in the background of this photo, it looks like a great place to have spent the summer in 1913.


Sitting on a barrelSitting on a barrelA young lady sitting on a barrel

This is probably my favorite photo from this photo album. She is a very pretty young lady, and with her posing for the photograph while sitting on that barrel it really is a very funny photo.

She is also wearing a very pretty summer outfit with a very flowery hat and white boots.

Two friendsTwo friendsTwo ladies sitting on some ocean front boulders

I wanted to show some more examples of women's swimming fashions for 1913 so I decided to throw in this photo of two young ladies lounging on some rocks near the water.

Check out those buildings in the background. I wonder if they were expensive beach front hotels, or just summer homes for the rich?


Bathing Beauty PosingBathing Beauty PosingAnother bathing beauty photo

Here's another photo booth photograph of one of the young ladies that is also in the first photo in this article.

She is posing lounging on what looks like a pretty rickety bench, but take a look at her swimming attire...


1913 Dune Buggy1913 Dune BuggyA 1913 dune buggy ride

And finally, take a look at this photo of a young couple buzzing around the beach on this spiffy, vintage 1913 version of a dune buggy!

I'll bet it was a blast driving around the beach on that thing, and just imagine the noise it must have made. I wonder if you could rent them from a stand somewhere on the beach?


Images courtesy of: Andrew Seminerio

Andrew runs a website selling rare coins: Victorian Rare Coin, and is is an avid collector of antique images from Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

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