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Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props

Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props

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Little Girls Photos - Turn of the 20th Century

Great photos of Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props

Little girl with antique tricycleLittle girl with antique tricycleAmong the many areas of antique photography collecting that we have interest in, we especially like old photographs of little girls engaged in every day activity, or posing with a favorite toy or bicycle.

In this first issue we will look at some great antique photos of cute little girls photographed from about the 1880's through about 1910.

Old photos of little girls from the turn of the 20th century seem to have an extra charm that newer photos, even from the early 20th century just don't seem to capture, and we prize every new photo of a little girl posing with a toy, carriage, bicycle, or prop that we can add to our collection.

As collectors of antique photography, we are always on the lookout for new and interesting images of little girls to add to our photo collection, and we hope you will enjoy all the old photos of little girls with toys, carriages, bicycles and props that we have assembled for this article.

The first photograph (above) in this issue is showing a little girl on her new tricycle. Take a look at the little girls outfit and that antique tricycle! I'll bet her grandmother and grandfather, who it appears are also in the photo with her, just gave the tricycle to her as a Christmas present. The photo was scanned from a square half size cabinet card, which dates it to approximately the late 1880's.

little girls playing in an Express wagonlittle girls playing in an Express wagon

Two little girls playing in an Express wagon

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This next photo in this article is a really great image of two little girls playing in an Express wagon. We love this image which was scanned from an antique, square cabinet card, because of the way the photographer posed the two girls, who are very deliberately looking away from the camera..

Cute little girl on an antique rocking horseCute little girl on an antique rocking horse

A Cute Little Girl on an Antique Rocking Horse

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Among my current collection of antique photos of little girls with their toys, this one is probably in my top 10 favorite images.

This photograph just couldn't get any cuter, with that ribbon in her hair, and that wonderful old wooden rocking horse.

The photo almost looks like it was meant as a photographers calling card, or an advertisement for antique rocking horses as it has a very professional look. The image was scanned from an albumen print.

Little girl with antique porcelain dollLittle girl with antique porcelain doll

Little Girl with an Antique Porcelain Doll

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The photo to the right is of a very cute little girl posing with her favorite porcelain doll is the highlight of our current children photos collection. You just have to love that cute bed time outfit with that sleeping cap!

We purchased the photo along with the rest of the family's personal photos in which fortunately for us also included more images of her and her family.

As you browse the other articles and issues on this website see if you can spot more images of her as we have images ranging from her as a little girl all the way up to photos of her as a young adult. The image was scanned from a full size cabinet card and is likely from the early 1880's.

Little girls with doll carriagesLittle girls with doll carriages

Two Cute Little Girls with Carriages

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This photo to the left shows two very cute little girls in which the older girl is showing off her beautiful stick and ball doll carriage, while the younger girl is sitting in a real antique bentwood and wicker baby carriage.

We like to think that the older girl must have just gotten that doll carriage as a Christmas present. "Look Mom, its just like a real carriage" we imagine her saying as her mother snaped the photo.

We were fortunate enough to have acquired more images of both of these cute little girls, so keep an eye out as you read the other issues on this site.

Little girls sitting in an old Adirondack chairLittle girls sitting in an old Adirondack chair

Two Little Girls in an Adirondack chair

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Lastly in this issue, although not a photograph of little girls with with a toy, carriage, or bicycle, we have a great old photo of two little girls who are obviously showing off their fathers handiwork, or a new family purchase.

The little girls in this photo are sitting in an old Adirondack chair, and because they are posing on an Adirondack chair, we can get a clue to the age of the image which was photographed some time around 1905 when these types of chairs were in vogue.

We hope you've enjoyed this, our first issue of Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props.

We would like to invite you to watch for our next issue which will be published in June 2009, or sooner if we are lucky enough to purchase a large collection. Don't forget to check out our first issue of "Little Girls Posing For Portraits" or some of our other interesting issues focused on all areas of collecting vintage photography.

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