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Exterior Views Of Shops

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Shops - Storefronts
Monday, 05 January 2009 21:21

Early 1900'sEarly 1900'sCollecting photographs of storefronts and shops

One area of photography collecting that interests many people is exterior and interior views of shops. In this article we will look at some exterior views of shops and storefronts, interior views are in another article.

The photo to the left is showing Newport Dry Goods and is probably from Newport Rhode Island in the early 1900's. Although it is a generic photo of a storefront it is nevertheless a great old view and really shows off the beauty of turn of the last century architecture.

Old style design verses New style design

With the advent of strip malls and cookie cutter store designs, the beauty and individualness of storefront displays of the past is becoming a rarity and even a forgotten memory to some. We are saddened by this trend, but at least we can look at these old photos and reminisce about days gone.

Among our extensive collection of vintage photographs we have a small but ever growing collection of photos of storefronts that span all time periods from as early as the 1860's to as new as the 1950's. We like nothing better than to share them with our community, so sit back and enjoy this trip through the evolution of storefront displays.

1880's1880'sThe John B. Vallee General Store

The photo to the left was likely taken in the 1880's and shows the storefront of the John B. Vallee general store. Unfortunately we do not know where it was taken, but we are sure it was somewhere in the USA.

A lot of the time when we come across a photo of a storefront the propritor and his family are usually standing around, or posing behind the counter in interior views. Businesses were a family affair back in the 1800's and early 1900's and everyone wanted to be in the photo. In addition to showing the delivery wagon, the photo above also has some of the locals hanging around.

Colonial Gasoline 2Colonial Gasoline 2

Colonial Gasoline Gas Station

Here's one of two photos taken from glass negatives. This little gas station was also a tire dealership for Fisk Tires, but there is a Michelin Man statue in the window as well.

Little gas stations like this only dotted the landscape back in the late 1900's and early 1920's as there were fewer cars on the road in those days.

Colonial Gasoline 1Colonial Gasoline 1In the second photo of this little gas station we get a slightly different perspective. The station appears to have been in a quiet little residential neighborhood.

Vintage photographs like these are especially cool as they usually show some of the great old advertising of the day, and a little slice of life as it was back then.

Taunton Limber CompanyTaunton Limber CompanyThe Taunton Lumber Company, Taunton Ma

The Taunton Lumber Company was right behind Taunton Center in Massachusetts.

The building still stands today but is no longer a lumber company. This cool photo shows the company's building in it's heyday of about 1910.

Home For Aged MenHome For Aged MenHome For Aged Men in Rhode Island

This image taken from a photogravure shows the Home for aged men at the corner of Chestnut and Clifford streets in Rhode Island.

The home as shown in this photograph was it's second location and was built in about 1882.

Elmwood Grammar SchoolElmwood Grammar SchoolElmwood Grammar School Rhode Island

We were not able to find out much about this old school in Rhode Island, but if the building still stands it is likely that it is now a condominium. There doesn't appear to be too many other buildings around and we think the image was taken in the early 1880's.

The scan this image was taken from is a photogravure.


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