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1. Abbe, James (Edward) (1883-1973)
(Matching tags: photographs)
American photographer who was born in Alfred, Maine. He developed a gifted talent for photography and, while still in his teens, he became a photojournalist for the Newport News in Virginia, then again ...
2. Old Photos of Boston Massachusetts Vol.1 No.1
(Matching tags: vintage photographs of Boston)
Our first issue of Old Photos of Boston Massachusetts Being from the Boston area, we at Old Photographic come across many old photos of Boston and the surrounding areas. Not knowing quite how to categorize ...
3. Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props
(Matching tags: Cute Little Girl Photographs)
Great photos of Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props Among the many areas of antique photography collecting that we have interest in, we especially like old photographs of little ...
4. New Photos For Sale
(Matching tags: Photographs For Sale)
Tons of photographs for sale We have a large selection of new images to add to the Old Photo Shop including many more vintage photo postcards. Check back often in April for new photos for sale. Update ...
5. Little Girl Photos
(Matching tags: Vintage Photographs)
Some cute little girl photos Here is our first set of assorted vintage photographs of little girls. We regularly scour photography shows, flea markets, antique shops, and antique shows for interesting ...
6. Gypsy Family Photos
(Matching tags: photographs)
Some rare early 1900's Gypsy photographs! Although most of the photo album these photos came from had generic portraits of a woman who was dressed in early 1900's clothing, I was very pleasantly surprised ...

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