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Adams, Ansel (1902-1984)

Adams, Ansel (1902-1984)

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An American photographer who is world famous for his landscape photography of the American west. He is also well known for his writing, portraiture, and documentary work.

Adams was born in San Francisco and took his first photographs while visiting Yosemite National Park in 1916. Later in life Adams opened a photography studio in Yosemite and photographed widely in the Sierra Nevada.

In the 1920's his photography was included in many exhibitions run by the Sierra Nevada Club, later in 1931 his work was showcased as a solo exhibition in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

Some of his works included; The Complete Photographer (1942), Camera and Lens, The Negative, The Print, Natural Light Photography, and Artificial Light Photography, a five volume set (1948-1956).

He developed the "Zone System" for determining exposure and stressed the potential for producing a high quality print from a high quality negative. The body of his work was done in monochrome, but he also worked in color photography as well.

Adams was a founding member of the anti f.64 Group who were dedicated to "pure" photography. His tastes changed over the lifetime of his work, and his later prints offered more tonal contrast than his earlier photographs.

Adams remains a larger than life figure in American photography and prices for his photographs match the largeness of his legacy.

Portions of this article derived from The Oxford Companion to the Photograph 2005.

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