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Abney, Sir William de Wiveleslie (1843-1920)

Abney, Sir William de Wiveleslie (1843-1920)

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A British scientist who as a young man in the army was encouraged by the Royal Engineers to indulge in photographic research. He went on to become an instructor in photography at the Military School of Engineering and While teaching at the school he undertook further research in photography and it was during this time that he developed a new photolithographic printing method.

In 1877 he left the army to become a civil servant in the Department of Science and Art where he became a leader in British photography.

Abley conducted intensive research on the chemistry involved in the new gelatin halide emulsions and developed the process of introducing hydroquinone in the photographic development process. He also was responsible for the silver gelatin citrochloride emulsions that led to the mass production of printing out paper.

Abney wrote many books and was influential in beginning the photographic collection at the South Kenisngton Museum which later became the Science Museum collection which was the basis for the National Museum of Photography in Bradford, England.

Portions of this article derived from The Oxford Companion to the Photograph 2005.

Tags: photography, military, photographic, developed, research, printing, school, time, engineering, instructor, teaching, undertook, method, photolithographic

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