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Abdullah, Freres (active 1870-1890s)

Abdullah, Freres (active 1870-1890s)

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Three Ottoman Armenian brothers Vhichen (1820–1902), Hovsep (1830–1908) and Kevork Abdullah (1839–1918) who ran a profitable studio in Constantinople with other locations in Cairo and Alexandria. In 1862 the three brothers were named official royal photographers to the courts of the Sultans Abdul Aziz and Abdul Hamid II, and had the right to use the royal monogram. While official royal photographers to the Sultans they were commissioned to document the Ottoman Empire in photographs. They also sold various views of Egypt and the Middle East to tourists through their studios. In 1899 they sold their business and collection to *Sebah and Jollier, which led ultimately to confusion of manufacture from the two studios, since later photographs from Abdullah Freres negatives are embossed with the Sebah and Jollier back stamp.


Portions of this article derived from The Oxford Companion to the Photograph 2005.

Tags: studio, (1839–1918), abdullah, kevork, profitable, alexandria, cairo, locations, constantinople, (1830–1908), hovsep, 1870-1890s), (active

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