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Is This Henry Tompkins Paige Comstock?

Is This Henry Tompkins Paige Comstock? - H. T. P. Comstock Page 3

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Some Photoshop overlay animations for comparison

Here we will show you some split screen and other animations showing the confirmed image of Comstock overlaid on top of our tintype image of Comstock. We think you will come to the same conclusion that we have, and that is that our tintype is the second known image of Comstock.

Please note* We flipped the images of the CDV for the following comparisons.


In the image above we split the screen through the center of Comstock's left eye. As you can see, not only does the eye socket and eyebrow line up exactly, but so does the cheek, and jaw.


In the image above we note that both eye sockets are the same distance apart, and the shape of the nose , although at different angels is the same.


In the split screen image of Comstock above we can see that the nose aligns exactly, and even the nostril is nearly the same shape.


In the image above we note that the distance from the nose to the mouth is the same, and the shape of the jaw is the same right down to the shadow.


And finally in the animation above we have done another overlay of the nose, which is the easiest feature to recognise as being the same in both photographs.

An Historically important image of Henry Comstock?

If our tintype of Comstock is actually Comstock, it will be a very important and historically significant discovery, not only for the history of the United States, but also for the State of Nevada who I have agreed to loan the image to for display in the Nevada State Museum.

If any of our readers have any further information to add to this article, or more importantly, another confirmed image of Comstock to compare ours to, we would be extremely grateful.

Feel free to leave any comments below, or contact us.

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