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1902 Manila Photo Album

1902 Manila Photo Album

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Ethnic Photos - Asia

A great 1902 photo album from Manila.

man001-72man001-72We really like collecting complete photo albums, and especially ones that tell a story. This photo album has typewritten titles under the photo and we have included those titles in this article.

The photo album shows images of daily life in Malta, and other parts of Manila dated August 4, 1902. There are 12 images in all and I think you will agree that most of them are pretty cool. Don't miss the image of a native Moro Warrior further down in this article!


man002-72man002-72Here we have a photo of some native Manila girls ready to go to Mass.

The title of the image to the right is "Going to Mass". It shows four young Manila women wearing what I am sure is their Sunday finest.


man003-72man003-72Here's a mouth watering feast for Andrew Zimmer, the host of the TV show Bizarre Foods.

This photo is titled "Native market - Locust chow". All I can say about this photo is that I'm glad I don't live in Manila.

Although I don't think I would really enjoy some Locusts for dinner, I have been to an open air market and I would love to take a walk through an open air market like this one in Manila.

man004-72man004-72This photo titled "A little water carrier" is a cute image of a young Manila girl carrying a water jar.

I guess this photo puts the stories old folks tell about having to walk a mile to school in their bare feet to bed. Just imagine having to do this a couple of times each day.

I wonder if conditions have improved for the people of Manila since this photo was taken in 1902?

man005-72man005-72An unhappy young Manila girl.

I guess the title of this photo "On the front porch" gives us a clue to why she looks so unhappy. If I had to live in a bamboo and thatch hut in the middle of the jungle, I'd probably have a similar look on my face as well.

Now that I think about it, most of the people in this album don't seem too happy. Could it be the life they live? or, could it just be that they really don't like being photographed? I guess we'll never know.

man006-72man006-72"Four little Pampanga maids" is the title of this cute photo.

These four little girls sure are cute. I wonder if they got all dressed up for this photo? In case you were wondering, Pampanga is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region.

man007-72man007-72It must be laundry day in Manila.

Washing cloths must have been a real chore for people in Manila in 1902. This photo titled "Two little washerwomen" shows two little girls washing clothes. Just look at that pile of laundry these two little girls have to wash! At least they look happy :)


 man008-72man008-72Here's the cool photo of the Moro Warrior we mentioned in the beginning of this article.

The title of this photograph is "A Moro Warrior". The Moro are one of the largest ethnic groups found in Manila today and mostly inhabit the southern part of Manila.

I really love these kind of photographs because as we march further on into the 21st century images like these will become even scarcer than they are now. I wonder if these people still look like this?

man009-72man009-72Cleaning up in the river.

This photo "The morning bath" shows the locals cleaning upon the banks of a river. Look at how muddy that water appears! It must have been a hard life to live in Manila in 1902. Is still like this today in Manila?
I wonder...

man010-72man010-72Eating out tonight?

I wonder if these Manila women are cooking up a big pot of locusts for dinner? By the title of this photo "Dinner will soon be ready" I guess we'll never know what's in that pot, but I don't think I would stick around long enough to find out.
How about you?

man011-72man011-72Anybody for fish?

The title of this photo "A little Moro maiden" is just not descriptive enough.

I wonder if that bundle of fish she is carrying is from that open air market we saw earlier in this article, or if she actually caught them herself.

At least it's not a bag full of locusts!


man012-72man012-72"Two old roosters" is the title of this photo.

I wonder if this old man is on his way to the cock fight with his prized rooster, or if he is on his way to that outdoor cooking scene we saw earlier?

I'll let you decide...

I hope you enjoyed this little slice of everyday life in Manila in 1902 and we hope you will check out all our other early ethnic images and articles.


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