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Battleship Minnesota - Reed & Barton silver service

Battleship Minnesota - Reed & Barton silver service

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Battleship MinnesotaBattleship Minnesota1909 Battleship Minnesota - Reed & Barton silver service photos

An Enrique Muller photo showing the presentation of a Reed & Barton silver service, as well as a photograph of the silver service donated to the Battleship U.S.S. Minnesota, and presented by Miss Rose Marie Schaller has been uncovered in Massachusetts.

The photograph taken on October 4, 1909 by Enrique Muller, who was well known for specializing in naval subjects was on hand at the presentation to produce this historic image of the actual ceremony.

The photo shows Miss Rose Marie Schaller, Capt. Hugo Osterhaus, Commander Sims, Flag Lieut. Berry, Lieut King, and Lieut. Commanders W.K. Harrison, O.P. Jackson, I.C. Wettengel, and R.I. Curtin. At the presentation.

The battleship Minnesota was launched on 8 April 1905 with Captain J. Hubbard in command. Miss Rose Marie Schaller, as official representative of her state, was appointed sponsor of the christening of the ship. Later in 1909, she also became the first woman in the navy's history to officially represent a state in making the customary presentation of a silver service to a new warship.

In December 1907 the battleship Minnesota was one of 16 battleships sent around the world by President Theodore Roosevelt as part of the "Great White Fleet". The tour which lasted until February 1909, served as a deterrent to possible hostilities in the Pacific.

Reed & Barton silver serviceReed & Barton silver serviceReturning to service in 1909 as part of the Atlantic Fleet on the East Coast of the United States, the battleship Minnesota served primarily as a diplomatic ship. Later in the year on October 4, 1909 Miss Schaller made the presentation speech for the Reed & Barton silver service donated to the U.S.S. Minnesota.

The silver service was said to be "The most magnificent silver service ever given to an American warship", and had fifty six pieces. Judging by the photograph we acquired of the silver service, we would be inclined to agree.

It was also reported by the New York Times on October 5, 1909. That Miss Schaller was dressed in white and wore a large hat with white plumes, and as can be seen by the photograph we acquired, the report was true.

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