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Gypsy Family Photos

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Tags: Gypsy | Gypsy family | photo album | photographer | photographs

Ethnic Photos - Gypsy

Some rare early 1900's Gypsy photographs!

Likely photographed Circa 1915Likely photographed Circa 1915Although most of the photo album these photos came from had generic portraits of a woman who was dressed in early 1900's clothing, I was very pleasantly surprised to find these rare turn of the 20th century photos of a Gypsy family and their encampment of horse drawn wagons in the back of the album.

The images below represent the best of the album and I think you'll agree that artistic quality of the portraiture is outstanding on the majority of the photos.


Kaiser Wilhelm II German Emperor

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Tags: German Emperor | Kaiser Wilhelm II | Postcard | Prussia | Real Photo Postcard

Real Photo Postcards - German Prussian Royalty

Kaiser Wilhelm II, German Emperor

Wearing Guard Artillery uniformWearing Guard Artillery uniformWilhelm II was the last Emperor of Germany and he ruled from 1888 until 1918. Wilhelm II ruled both Germany and the kingdom of Prussia.

We have put together a fine collection of real photo postcards featuring not only Wilhelm II, but his family as well. We are sure you will enjoy this historic photographic collection. This postcard is titled "Kaiser Wilhelm II Wearing Guard Artillery uniform".


Harvard Faculty and Alumni 1871

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Tags: Andrew Peabody | Arthur Rotch | Henry Lodge | James Lowell | William Byerly

School - Harvard Notables

Photos of some notables from the Harvard University class of 1871

We were quite pleased to have acquired some very nice photographs of some of Harvard universities more famous graduates and faculty. We are even more pleased to be able to offer these vintage photographs here for you to read about and view.

james-russell-lowelljames-russell-lowellJames Russell Lowell 1819-1891

Among the 60+ portrait photos we acquired, the first photo we would like to share is one of James Russell Lowell. James Russell Lowell was a very famous American poet and diplomat.

Lowell was a graduate of Harvard in 1838 and went on to become professor of languages at Harvard in 1854.Lowell continued to teach there for twenty years.


Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props

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Tags: Cute Little Girl Photographs | Little Girls With Toys Photo | Old Photos Of Little Girls

Little Girls Photos - Turn of the 20th Century

Great photos of Little Girls with Toys, Carriages, Bicycles and Props

Little girl with antique tricycleLittle girl with antique tricycleAmong the many areas of antique photography collecting that we have interest in, we especially like old photographs of little girls engaged in every day activity, or posing with a favorite toy or bicycle.

In this first issue we will look at some great antique photos of cute little girls photographed from about the 1880's through about 1910.

Old photos of little girls from the turn of the 20th century seem to have an extra charm that newer photos, even from the early 20th century just don't seem to capture, and we prize every new photo of a little girl posing with a toy, carriage, bicycle, or prop that we can add to our collection.


Old Orchard Beach Maine 1913

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Tags: Bathing Beauties | Old Orchard Beach Maine | Photo Booth

A Day At The Beach - Turn Of The 20th Century

Photos of a day at Old Orchard Beach Maine taken in 1913

Bathing BeautiesBathing BeautiesHere are a couple of bathing beauties posing in front of a beach backdrop. Probably taken in a photo booth somewhere on the pier.


New York Military Academy 1898

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Tags: Cadets | Military Academy | New York | photo album

Military Photos - 1840-1899

An 1890's military academy photo album

Artillery drillArtillery drillHere are some great images from a photo album we picked up at auction the other day. The photo albums shows events in the daily lives of the cadets at the academy and we think you will find them just as interesting as we do.


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